Some good news from the masses

Guess what! turns out teachers are more respected by some than we all thought.

Check out this article from CNN. It says that teaching is among the most respected professions. I’m glad that others appreciate the hard work teachers do!




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3 responses to “Some good news from the masses

  1. rayhedrick

    This is a first! I, too, am glad that some of us are being recognized. I guess hard work does pay off, eventually.

  2. BEK

    I find this article interesting. On one hand, people say these jobs are so prestigious, yet way too few decide to go into teaching as a profession. The jobs that people see as lacking in prestige are the ones that often have the greatest number of applicants. There is no shortage of stock brokers, executives, and lawyers (with certain exceptions). It seems as if this is an example of people saying one thing because they think it is the right thing yet pursuing a different course of action based on what they really feel.

  3. jmdegan

    Everybody loves teachers until its school budget season.

    J. Degan

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