One Strategy

I’ve decided to use sociograms as one of my reading strategies for my seminar; this is also the one that I will talk about tonight.  I’m really just writing this post to give you this link.  This is a very comprehensive site on the topic, and it is great for learning about reading strategies in general.

I also wanted to post this example of two sociograms that I think are done well.  I’m not going to do too much explaining here, as I want to save this information for tonight, but I did want to post the example and the link for further information.

See you folks tonight.

Ray H.



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2 responses to “One Strategy

  1. allison

    Ray, thanks for leading us to this great site. I think its interesting how some of these strategies can so easily lead up to critical interpretations of the texts. For example, from the website you linked “conversations across time” could lead to a new historicist reading. “Frame of Reference” could lead to a cultural criticism. I am using a strategy like this in my seminar, but I am using the contextualizing strategy from the beach reading. I may borrow the chart from the website, though because I think visuals are important.
    This leads me to the sociograms . What a great method for visual learners! I think this would be incredibly challenging, especially for students who are not as creative when completing tasks like this. I think it could be implimented very well, though.

  2. sfarah19


    Thank you for that link to the site! I found a number of different stratagies to use for my unit.


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