Reading for Book Club (10/27)

The book I read for this week’s book club is Growing Up Asian American. It is a collection of short stories or excerpts written by authors identified as Asian American—from the second to the fifth immigrant groups. It is divided by three sections: memories, identity, and growing up. I have read some stories from the second and third sections, and found they are thought-provoking. Even though these stories are about Asian teens, yet they are representing the universal themes and events that similar to those of American youngsters in many ways. I strongly recommend this book.   Posted by L. L.



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5 responses to “Reading for Book Club (10/27)

  1. sunyprof

    Li Li, this collection sounds very good. What year was it published? Does it have a contemporary ring? K

  2. ll123

    Dr. Stearns,
    It was published in 1993, sounds old, yet it collects some stories written by author like Amy Tan, who was in the New York conference where you attended a couple of weeks ago. Posted by L. L.

  3. sunyprof

    Good! I would love to see you have an update…changing times in the U.S. for Asian Americans yes? I wonder what is available in a more contemporary short story collection? You give me the impetus to check that out for the 619 class next semester. KES

  4. rayhedrick

    Did you think it was better than AMERICAN BORN CHINESE, Li Li? Maybe it’s just too different to judge. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the insight.

    Ray H.

  5. canadawr5

    I loved American Born Chinese. I think I could read it again!

    Ray C.

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