reading strategy

One strategy that I have found useful for my unit plan is known as “Extending Content Beyond the Text”. An example of how I plan on conducting this is as follows:

*First and foremost, always model the procedure. After doing so, then assign the procedure for the class to do it independently.*

1. Read article(s) from bibliography on the topic of “hunger.”

2. Have the students write 2 questions that are derived from the reading. One should be a factual question, the other should be inquisitive (make them think critically on the topic).

3. Discuss with the class, or have the class divide into groups while you (the teacher) visits each group for a few minutes. The class and teacher will discuss the main and important parts of the article(s). Also, the class will discuss how the article relates to the topic.

4. Read, answer and discuss the questions the students came up with.

During this strategy, the teacher should pass out strategy cards for the students. These cards have the strategy and instructions on them.

This strategy seems most effective when reading articles or short stories, not novels and textbooks. I will be looking further into other strategies for the novels that I have assigned for my unit.



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