Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that I’m finding this week’s reading on learning strategies extremely helpful. How about everyone else?

I especially enjoyed the Beach/ ‘Obrien piece. I’m planning to use some of those strategies for my seminar. Tonight I will be sharing the rereading and revisiting texts strategies. I will apply the strategy to the Langston Hughes poem I, Too, Sing America which is a text from my community as text unit. The stragegy asks students to consider reading the poem from the perspective of different readers. This can be modeled with a think-aloud by the teacher. The students may then write their own poems, revising by considering how different audiences may respond to it.

Here are the two other strategies I am considering using:

Again, from the Beach reading, I will apply the contextualizing strategy to Alexie’s Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. I will use the chart in the reading to create a worksheet for students to fill out involving Junior’s decision to change schools. This activity will make a great spring-board for a discussion of the economic, racial, and political context- i.e. a cultural criticism!! yay!

My third stratgey comes from one of the websites. I will use a readwritethink comic creator to ask students to create an editorial cartoon in response to a news story that I use in my unit. I will intoduce this with constructivist approaches, asking students what they already know about political cartoons and how they work. I will provide examples and ask the students to create their own.



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