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Hi everyone,

Since I couldn’t make it to class tonight (I am sick and do not have a voice to speak with anyway) I thought I would post a little more about my strategies on here. I have particularly developed my strategy for dealing with the poem, which I blogged about earlier. As I said before, The stragegy asks students to read the poem from the perspective of readers different from themselves. This can be modeled with a think-aloud by the teacher. (This may allow you to briefly touch upon a critical theory. In my example, a feminist lens would be applicable for my “think aloud perspective” and an african american lens for the poem itself. After examining the poem, the students may then write their own poems, revising by considering how different audiences may respond to it, or the different perspectives that different people might take on the same subject.

I am attaching a sample think-aloud and a sheet with a few sample poems, which could be used as an example for the students before they create their own poems think-aloud sample poems



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