Questions for Dr. Stearns

Dear Dr. Stearns,

I have three questions here: 

First,  I wonder if you have corrected my YA paper and Unit Plan. 

Second, you said that we would have another assignment–to write a response to your feedback on our Unit Plans, I am kind of concern about that because next Tuesday will be the last class. Can you tell us what is the deadline for that response? Do we post it on the blog or give you a hard copy? 

Third, do we have to write relection on our own seminar and reflection for our peer as we did last term? How?–by blog or hard copy?     I’d appreciate it very much if you can respond to my questions.         Posted by L. L.


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One response to “Questions for Dr. Stearns

  1. sunyprof

    Hi Li Li, yes I’ve read your paper and your unit plan.

    As I said on the agenda last week, the reflection you have the opportunity to write on your unit plan is due, as is all work for grading, on Thursday, December 13. As I look at that week, surely the 14th is fine as well. It will be early the following week before grades are submitted.

    No, there is no requirement to write a reflection on your seminar. KES

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