Snow Day and House Keeping


Hi Dr. Stearns and class,

I see from our Binghamton news cast that Cortland classes are off today due to snow.  Dr. Stearns, I will be emailing you attachments of my seminar strategies, my YA paper revision, and my 3rd book review by the end of the day.

Just wanted to check and see if there was any other requirement due to the snow day?




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3 responses to “Snow Day and House Keeping

  1. jexter1

    Dr. Stearns,

    To add to Sofia’s blog, will we be submitting our seminar strategies via e-mail?

    Enjoy your day off everybody! Be safe if you MUST drive!


  2. sofiapenna

    Thanks for the class email Dr. Stearns. I’ve just read it now.

  3. ll123

    Dr. Stearns,
    I stayed at a nearby Cortland motel after my class last night. I am on campus today. I have put my seminar folder in your mailbox, and I have also returned a book there. I wonder if we will still do the semiar project, however, I have made three more folders for my peers. It is about success topic. Anybdy takes it? Stay warm, folks. Posted by L. L.

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