Class Next Week

Dear Teachers,

I so wish we could have had a synchronous conversation tonight during our normal class time. I was able to do that at SUNY Oneonta with the Blackboard software they supported. It was fun! Have you done that w/a Web CT supported class at Cortland? Or at another institution?

Is it possible for us to meet earlier next week — and shorten our last class?

Or meet in 2 smaller groups, one of which could meet earlier? I know some of you would like that. And I would like to be sure there is time for those of you who would like to meet one-on-one to discuss course work, esp. the article for publication.

What do you suggest?

Our planned seminars are important and you have worked hard on this assignment.

It is our culminating project and deserves our full attention.

Let me know what you would like to do and I will respond. KES

P.S. Atwell anyone? Do post on the Beers’ “Afterword” separately or as the kickoff to your response to “Sharing Your Thoughts.”



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14 responses to “Class Next Week

  1. jmdegan


    I’d be okay with having class Tuesday, if we could find a place we could do it early (4-7ish?). Monday could be problematic, unless you’d all like to meet my daughter (who has an amazing attention span for a one and a half year old, but might disrupt things a bit). I might be able to be flexible if that’s the only opportunity we have. I could probably do it most days, but I don’t want to be here until 10 (I’d like to be home by 8 or earlier). So absolutely pencil me in for early. Maybe we could meet in the library if space is an issue?

    J. Degan

  2. sunyprof

    Space in OM would not be an issue since classes are over. And we will meet Tuesday. Since the 7:00-9:30 block on the 11th is the designated final exam or presentation class, it’s the makeup option.

    I do not think we can all meet at 4:00 due to work commitments.

    I would love to meet your daughter Jerry!! KES

  3. jmdegan

    So what’s the deal with the two small groups option you mention? I’m okay with that. If we’re doing an early group and a later group, I want in on early. In case there’s a number limit. Or would it be two groups talking about these issues simultaneously so we can get out early? Is that what we’re talking about? It’s been a long night/day/week/month/semester…my brain has gone on hiatus.

    Best regards,

    J. Degan

  4. jexter1

    The earlier, the better for me on Tuesday. I have an early doctor’s appointment Wednesday, so I would like to head home Tuesday afternoon/early evening.
    Thanks for taking our needs & wants into consideration, Dr. Stearns! ~Jess

  5. jillian24

    If early is the only option, I can do it, but definately would need to take the day off. I guess I’m in favor of the regular time.

  6. allison

    I’m with Jillian. Later would be better. If we met earlier, I would have to take another day off, and I have already asked for monday off. I could do monday night from 7-9:30, which would be right after the final exam for prof. nelson’s class. I would be in cortland anyway so that would be convenient.

  7. rayhedrick

    I’m here and flexible; however, Monday is no good for me. Any other time should work. Let me know.

    Ray H.

  8. sunyprof

    Monday is not a day for our makeup class. Whatever we do we do it on Tues. I’m sorry to cause anxiety if any of you have been thinking Monday is an option. KES

  9. sofiapenna

    Well, I can meet any time Tuesday…late or early. Whatever! Sofia

  10. ll123

    Well, I parefer Tuesday during the day time. It’s a long drive for us who live at Binghamton. The weather doesn’t seem friendly… Posted by L. L.

  11. ll123

    Dr. Stearns,
    By the way, I thought that we only do the seminar, or we have other assignments that I am not aware of? Please let me know if that is the case. Posted by L.L.

  12. jexter1

    I’m just curious as to what the game plan is so that I can plan my seminar presentation & trip home accordingly. Thanks.
    🙂 Jess

  13. ll123

    In response to Dr. Stearns’ email, I prefer either in the morning or 4:00pm class for our seminar and other housekeeping stuff. Posted by L. L.

  14. mandygrl101

    Anytime works for me! I am very flexible!!

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