On the 11th

Dear Teachers, I’ve sent a Banner Web email to everyone about next week. Options are an a.m. and an afternoon class or an afternoon and an evening class. Please refer to email and get back to me. Thanks. The goal is to accommodate everyone and still be able to complete our semester appropriately. Be in touch. KES


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9 responses to “On the 11th

  1. dldvoracek

    The only time I can come to class is at the regular time on Tuesday, however it has required a major shift in my schedule since originally there was no class scheduled. I will be pushing it to make it at 7 but will get there as soon as possible. Donna-

  2. allison

    Wow! Donna posted to the blog! this is huge!

  3. ll123

    I have signed up for the 4:00pm meeting on Tuesday via my email to Dr. Stearns. I really prefer daytime class because we can avoid driving in darkness, especially under foggy and snowy weather condition. Posted by L.L.

  4. sofiapenna

    I have also signed up for the 4 PM Tuesday class via email to Dr. Stearns. Sofia

  5. jmdegan

    I’m also up for 4:00. For those of you I will not see, best wishes for your continued success.

    J. Degan

  6. sofiapenna

    As of today, Sunday, 12/9/07, at 11 PM, I am definitely able to meet at 6 PM instead of 4 PM so that Donna can join us. Sofia

  7. traverse02

    I can attend the 4pm class, sorry for my late reply.


  8. jexter1

    I already responded to the first e-mail about what time is best, but I’ll reiterate on here. 4 is best for me, however, I can meet later. Now that I would be driving in the dark regardless, I am going to stay for the night. Whichever is best for everyone, works for me. ~Jess

  9. sfarah19

    Unfortunately, due to my work schedule changing, I will be unable to meet with any of you. I hope you all have a happy holiday and I look forward to seeing many of you in class next semester. Enjoy your break everyone!!!


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