Doris Lessing’s Nobel Lecture

Hey, check out Doris Lessing’s Nobel lecture.  I don’t believe she actually attended the ceremony.  She talks about education and the decline of literacy, but I’m curious to see what people might think of her assessment.

 J. Degan



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2 responses to “Doris Lessing’s Nobel Lecture

  1. sunyprof

    Thanks so much for sharing Lessing’s wonderful speech Jerry. I have not had a minute to attend to what’s going on in Sweden except for noting Al Gore is there! I needed this reminder.

    I can remember vividly the impact Lessing’s work had on me in the 60’s-70’s, especially her first novel in the Children of Violence series, Martha Quest which was published in ’64.

    Her assessment is an accurate one I think. Her observation that “reading, books, used to be part of a general education” was true only for some, not for the masses. And certainly not if we consider the “great” books as the books she is referencing.

    Hers is a great piece to pair with “Fahrenheit 451” for discussion. The fireman, Montage, and the fire, the young Indian mother reading Anna Karenina, another favorite of mine.

    Thank you. I needed this tonight. Reading it made me want to, well, get off the internet and read.

    It would be wonderful if others read and respond. KES

  2. ll123

    Dr. Stearns,
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece with us. I read it last Tuesday as soon as I got home. I thought a lot after that. I thought how privileged we were with a public library that full of books, studying in a college with professors to teach us, and having enough food and clothing, yet complaining about what we want instead what we need. Such reading definitely opens our minds. It cleans our souls, too. Posted by L. L.

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