Class on Tuesday

“Learning needs to be hands on and when teachers tell you about their class in the beginning of the school year it sounds like it will bo so cool. But then they still teach the same things over and over and they talk and you listen. That’s it.” –Cortland HS student today


Dear Teachers, our agenda for tomorrow is simple. We will meet for c. 90 minutes and share our seminars (please bring folders for two other participants and me!) and then have an end-of-semester discussion* about constructions of “English” in relationship to who we are as English teachers. *Please review the Atwell “Afterword” in Beers and bring it to class. We will use it as a discussion starter.

If you have not yet responded to the blog post, “Sharing Your Thoughts.” from last week, please do so. You’ll find it below here.

I will be in my office before both the 4:00 and the 6:00 o’clock groups. Please stop in if you have books to return (oh so many!) and/or want to talk over any work you have done in our class. If you are taking 619** next semester, you are welcome to raid my office YA library for break reading.

I can extend the date (originally the 13th) for submission of unit plan reflections and critical articles through the weekend, but please no later than Sunday at noon.

Our groups for tomorrow are:

4:00–Jess, Jerry, Suzanne, Li Li, Raph
6:00–Donna, Ray C, Ray H, Mandy, Sofia

I’m not sure what room we will use yet but let’s see if G10 (I think that’s right) is open at 4. That’s the room downstairs next to the computer room — not our 506 computer room.

I am meeting with Allison and Jillian in Syracuse tomorrow morning.

If you have questions get in touch please. KES

**or if you’re not!


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